Fabgating will allow us to sell to female fans across the nation through MVP’s. Our set up and tools will allow MVP’S to sell product just by wearing their favorite team looks on game day…and every day in between.  We will also supply all of our MVP’s with the promotional tools they need to market and sell almost exclusively through the use of social media.  We provide the innovative and interactive tools so that you are able to tap into your own connections locally and connect with sports fans across the Country.

MVP’s will have their own replicated websites to refer fans too.  All 32 NFL team franchises will be listed on your website so fans of every team can purchase anything they love…not just the team or style you will be rocking. The orders will come directly to Cuce’ Shoes offices where we will process and ship orders straight to the customers.  MVP’s will never have to consider invoicing, billing or shipping a thing….you show off the team looks and our busy teammates will do all the rest.

MVP’s can get orders just by wearing our collections to a game, to work, while running errands and even posting on social media platforms.  Anytime a fan comments or asks “where did you get that”…you simply hand them your business card so they can shop from your replicated website.  Every time a customer orders, you will be notified and get a commission.  Every time you refer a rookie to sign up as an MVP, you have the ability to make extra cash bonuses.

We will add items throughout the season so that you can grow your collections and increase sales during the entire season.  We will also be launching a Spring/Summer kit in April 2018 so MVP’s can run their business all year long.  Keep in mind, kick off kit items can be sold at the end of each season as sample sale items so MVP’s can recoup some of their initial investment and make room in their closets for new updated collections.  
Join us as an MVP and receive: officially licensed fan footwear and accessories, unlimited earning potential, flexibility and all the tools and support you need to launch your own business.

Please visit fabgating.com for additional information.