Many fans ask us if our products are Made in America and do not make a purchase when they find that they are not.  Less than 1% of footwear is made in the United States so it is impossible to have anything produced on U.S. soil.  The assembly of our boots may not be done domestically, however we use an AMERICAN freight forwarder, sell products to AMERICAN stores which employ AMERICAN sales representatives, have an AMERICAN customs team, pay duties to the AMERICAN government, order our shipping supplies from an AMERICAN distributor, rent a warehouse from an AMERICAN, ship orders with an AMERICAN carrier, send and receive mail from AMERICAN postal service workers, travel to and from summits/trade shows on AMERICAN airlines,  which forces us to stay in AMERICAN hotels, work with AMERICAN leagues and we are…AMERICAN.

There is a huge cycle at work within our company stimulating our beautiful nation. Keep this in mind before you choose not to buy because of a “MADE IN CHINA” tag.